New Kit, new bag

We all know what a challenge it is to get the right bag to hold the kit you want to take out and at the same time not kill yourself with excessive weight. Having switched to the Fuji system my big backpacks and other bags I used with my Nikon system seemed excessive. Why have a lighter kit but still put it in a heavy bag? So the search began for a better alternative, something that is light but protective, small but holds enough kit.

I did all the usual things looking at manufacturers websites and filling in the helpful selector questions for them to show me the best options, looked at reviews on line as well as that old fashioned thing of going into stores and picking up and feeling and trialling different bags. But what to choose, do you go for the tried and tested back pack, sling bag, shoulder bag, something quirky or something safe. Having looked at dozens of options I eventually came across the Domke range and specifically the F2 and F3X. Now the F2 was the founding bag of the range and from this the others have all followed, they are completely away from what I was used to in that they are light, limited padding and look nothing like a camera bag, plus you can buy a variety of inserts for them pending on the layout you want

So I found a local stockist who had them in stock so I could look at them and try with the Fuji system. What a difference with a body and a selection of lenses and accessories they weighed about as my LowPro Nature Trek back pack and how much could you actually get in them. In the end I decided on the slightly smaller F3X Rugged and can I say what a fabulous bag. On a recent trip to Venice I took a body, three lenses, reflect, filters, extra batteries, cleaning cloths plus some other bits and pieces in it, this allowed me to carry around different setups as and how I required and hardly noticed I was carrying them. In all we walked about 35 miles during the visit and I had the bag with me all the time and at no point did my shoulders ache or I wish I'd left it at home

So if you want a great bag for travelling with that carries both a lot and as little as you want I can highly recommend the F3X and at the same time not look like you have an expensive set of kit with you