What's that saying about a change being as good as a rest?

After being a dedicated Nikon user since the introduction of the D70 up to and including the D810 a decision had to be made following a 4 day trip to Paris. The question was did it matter if I ended up looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame after carrying my Nikon kit around for the four days or did I want to be able to stand up straight?

This was a hard decision having invested a considerable amount of money in Nikon kit and the associated accessories and a wife threatening all sorts of nasties should I swop to something new and two weeks later start moaning I missed the Nikon

So after considerable thought, sole searching and discussions with fellow photographers as well as some spent moments of contemplation the decision was made, Nikon was going and we were moving into the CSC era, but what make and what kit was required

Again after a lot of internet searching, review reading and other information gathering it was all brought down to one brand and that was Fuji, but again more questions do you go the Pro or the XT route. This decision was made easy with the new XT-2 and the look and feel of the camera in the hand

So I am now the proud father of an XT-2 and a series of there fantastic lenses and I don't know if it's just because it's a new camera or what but the desire to take images has really taken an up turn. The kit is an absolute joy to use and in many ways so easy to enjoy using. The electronic view finder with the live histogram is a dream as it makes it some much easier to get the exposure right and the sheer feel and aurora of the camera makes it fun to use.

So if you are thinking about going to a CSC camera from a DSLR or just wanting a camera that is fun to use and can allow you to push yourself and your photographic boundaries take the plunge and enjoy the experience