Hi and thank you for taking time out to visit my website.

I am a freelance photographer based in Bedfordshire, UK where I live with my ever tolerant wife, two looney cocker spaniels, a laid back lurcher and a temperamental cat

Ever since I first picked up a digital camera I've been amazed at the quality and feel of the images you can get from them. As the cameras developed from those early ones so my passion for photography has grown, that feeling you get when someone says wow, I love that image or how on earth did you get that picture.

I feel that photography is all about reflecting a mood, emotion or story, and that my images should communicate this to the viewer at all times. Be that image a stunning landscape, amazing wildlife, a street scene or some complete abstract it should always tell a story or make you ask a question

I have been using Nikon cameras more or less since going digital and they are a fabulous piece of kit, however in the last few months I have switched to the Fuji x series, see my Blog page for the trials and tribulations when looking to change systems and the threats issued by ones loved ones about changing your mind.

The shots you've seen are just a small selection from my portfolio and if you've liked what you've seen, get in touch. Let me know what you think be it good or bad and if you want to meet and discuss opportunities for us to work together I would be delighted to hear from you.

All images in the "Galleries" are for sale as prints and available in a variety of sizes and papers or canvas

Tony Hirt

Aston Martin Vulcan - We can all dream
Aston Martin Vulcan - We can all dream


“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

Quote by Ernst Haas (1921-1986)